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The IRATA Rope Access Training course provides the required skills and certification to be able to start work in the rope access industry, and is recognised world-wide.


All Areas Access offers the following three levels of IRATA rope access training courses-


IRATA Level 1

Entry Level. This is a rope access technician who is able to perform a specified range of rope access tasks under the supervision of a Level 3 rope access safety supervisor. No previous experience is required.


IRATA Level 2

This is an experienced rope access Technician who is able to perform more complex tasks under the supervision of a Level 3 rope access safety supervisor, capable of more complex rigging, able to undertake rescues from a variety of situations, and is able to assemble and implement hauling systems.

IRATA Level 3

This is an experienced rope access Technician looking to move into a supervisory role who is responsible for understanding and implementing rope access procedures, method statements and risk assessments, understands the elements and principles of IRATA, is conversant with relevant work techniques and legislation, has an extensive knowledge of advanced rope access rigging and rescue techniques, and holds an appropriate and current first-aid certificate.

MAY 22-27 IRATA Rope Access Course

    • As per agreed supplier Terms & Conditions payment terms are strictly maximum 30 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing
    • All Areas Access Cancellation Policy applies to all company bookings. Please make yourself familiar with these terms here-
    • Companies must provide all requested information to finalise bookings. This includes-
      • Date of IRATA course
      • Purchase Order (PO) number
      • Cadidate's full legal name; 
      • IRATA Level of training;
      • Candidate's email address 
      • Candidate's mobile phone number
    • Email confirmation will automatically be sent to the company representative making the booking, as well as the candidate
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